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Being An Employer of Choice in 2018! Hire-Train-Retain

Organizations with the reputation as being great places to work are able to hire and keep the best people!  Their turnover is low.  Their productivity is high.  They’re considered an employer-of-choice!   They hire and keep top people.

And it’s not hard to see that at this point in time, there aren’t enough top people to go around.   

As the race for good people increases it becomes more important to be an employer of choice.  And it all begins with hiring the right people.

Hiring the right people is an art, which can be learned and put into practice by any organization.  It is based on:

  • Knowing the skills and qualities to be successful in each position,
  • Understanding that past performance is the key indicator to future performance, and
  • Making hiring decisions based on more than a gut feeling.

Employers of choice continuously evaluate the tasks and responsibilities of positions.  They know the REAL skills and qualities needed to get the work done right, and on time.  They know how to ask questions about past actions which give them valuable information about future performance. 

And of course, they know how to keep top people once they’re on board.  Which starts with training.  We often look at the tangible aspect of training, increased performance.  But what we fail to see too often is that training is seen by top employees as a “must have”.  And by providing the training you are taking one of the first steps to retaining your top performers.  Employers of choice assess training needs, especially for top performers and provide what is needed up to and including career pathing.

Beyond using training as a retention strategy, employers of choice acknowledge the diversity in their work environments and understand that not all employees are motivated by the same thing.  Employees are individuals, with individual wants and needs.  However, with all the differences in employees they do share one common desire, acknowledgement for a job well done. By acknowledging the contributions of your employees, you increase employee passion which leads to greater service to your customers which in turn reaps the financial benefits that drive further success.

If you want to be an employer of choice, take a moment to look at your practices around hiring, training and retaining.  It’s worth your time!

Todd McDonald
President, ATW Training Solutions, New Horizons Learning Center of Des Moines

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