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Your employees are becoming more tech savvy. They are used to on-demand information through the Internet, and smart phones. So why make them wait for training? eLearning allows you to provide just-in-time training when and where it is convenient for employees to learn. No travel. No schedules to coordinate. You can’t ask for a more consistent training experience.

ATW offers access to a number of eLearning modules on core topics such as leadership, goal setting, harassment, and more. These modules can be assigned to any number of employees at a low per person cost. They are ideal for situations where only a few people need training, but they can also allow you provide the same training to hundreds and even thousands of employees.

Is your topic unique? Not quite “core”? We can also design and produce a custom eLearning module just for you. Need something for onboarding of new employees specific to your organization or a program to rollout a new product or system? Our instructional design experts can provide a turn-key solution for you.