Management Development Program 2

ATW’s Management Development Program 2 (MDP2) uses a unique approach of classroom sessions along with pre-work and follow up assignments to ensure learners stay engaged between sessions and immediately apply what they learn in the classroom. Three full-day sessions allow a concentrated focus on engaging people, empowering teams, and elevating results.

Session 1: Engage Your People

In this session, participants will utilize the acclaimed Everything DiSC® Management profile. ATW will lead an exploration of one-on-one management by utilizing the advanced assessment. By understanding their behavioral style and the style of those they are leading, participants build their skills and maximize opportunities to more effectively give feedback, coach, motivate, and engage their team members.

Session 2: Empower Your Team

In the second session, participants continue to build their leadership influence through learning how to more effectively empower and build their team. Included in the session is an assessment of team effectiveness utilizing Team Performance Concepts, a program from the esteemed Ken Blanchard Companies. The day also includes focused discussion on leading accountability.

Session 3: Elevate Your Results

Participants will shift attention to how to bring out the best in themselves in session three. This session is filled with tools to enhance management productivity. Participants will load their tool kit with skills for prioritizing, managing cross-functional collaboration, leading geographically dispersed teams, building powerful business cases, project management, and managing up.

Don’t miss an opportunity for your leaders to achieve professional growth and success!

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Management Development Program 2 Schedule:

April 2019 Start

Date Topic
4/25/19 Engage Your People
5/23/19 Empower Your Team
6/27/19 Elevate Your Results

*All sessions are scheduled from 9:00 AM - 4:00 PM. 

Management Development Program 2 Schedule:

August 2019 Start

Date Topic
8/22/19 Engage Your People
9/26/19 Empower Your Team
10/24/19 Elevate Your Results

*All sessions are scheduled from 9:00 AM - 4:00 PM.