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Training Tip

Wrong Can Be Right.

Encourage creativity by allowing team members to be wrong. Making mistakes is an inherent part of the creative process. If employees know they won't be punished for coming up with an atypical idea or solution, they will be inspired to think outside the box and take more chances, leading to the creation of better, more innovative ideas.

Source: Careerealism.com/tips-leadership-skills/

New Year, New Destinations

We're excited to announce that we have launched our new website and moved to a new office!

We decided it was time to do a refresh of our website to not only streamline our services and offerings, but also to provide you with more helpful information and tools.

ATW new website

Highlights of the new website include:

  • Trainer's Toolbox: Your one-stop shop for information and research to help you become a better trainer. From whitepapers and industry articles to free (yes, free) webinars and podcasts, there is something for everyone.
  • Training Solutions: This is a comprehensive listing of all of our services from customized classroom training to large group training and public sessions. Complete with calendars and registration information.

In keeping with our New Year, New Destinations theme . . . we have moved! Our team has outgrown our current office, so we are moving to a new space that will not only allow us to grow, but expand our capability to host larger sessions.

What are you waiting for? Visit our new website today at atwtraining.com. Then come visit us at our new address at: 11140 Aurora Avenue, Urbandale, IA 50322.

We love our new look and location and we hope you do to!

New Programs for 2014

ATW is excited to kick off this new year with several new programs. Take a look at our new offerings below and contact us today for more information or to register.

Trust Works! (Workshop)

Research shows us one of the major reasons employees leave a company is due to lack of trust in their relationship with a manager or supervisor. Having strong, effective skills to build trust in today's workplace is regarded as a valuable leadership asset. In this session we will discuss the economic impact of trust, as well as how to rebuild eroded trust and move forward with positive results.

We Will™ (Workshop)

WE WILL™ is a program and tool to help you motivate and lead people toward an environment of passion, loyalty, collaboration, communication and trust. Join us in this highly motivating exploration of what it takes to be a high-growth, winning, employee-engaged organization where everyone says "We will!".

*The WE WILL™ model is owned by Groh Productions Inc. and licensed for use by ATW.

How To Avoid Becoming A Miserable Manager (Workshop)

Do you like your job? How would your employees answer this same question? Based on Peter Lencioni's best-selling book, "The Three Signs of a Miserable Job," participants will take a close look at a three-part model for making any job more rewarding and fulfilling.

To learn more about these new programs, download this overview, visit our website or contact us today!

Keeping Your Workplace Free From Harassment and Discrimination (eLearning Program)

Harassment in the workplace is a serious matter. It can have a devastating effect on individuals and be damaging to the company in terms of reputation, productivity, and the cost of litigation.

Having policies against harassment and discrimination is a critical step towards preventing those situations and establishing a positive work environment. However, just having a policy is not enough. It is equally important to make sure employees can recognize harassment, respond appropriately, and hopefully prevent it.

To view more information about this eLearning course, click here.

ATW Training & Consulting eLearning courses are economical and easy to customize to your company's needs. You can expect consistent messaging, flexible scheduling, knowledge testing and documentation of course completion with every course.


The New Generation of Digital Natives in Your Workplace.

A new generation called Digital Natives is entering the workplace. Digital Natives are the generation born after the general implementation of digital technology. While many of our working generations have had to organize and communicate without mobile phones, laptops and the internet, Digital Natives have never experienced this. This new generation is more tech-savvy and are on the leading edge of new technologies and connecting in different ways.

As organizations, we need to realize that this new generation will want to work differently. To get the most from them, consider the following:

  • Whenever possible, provide greater access to technology including cloud computing for ease of access and productivity. Embrace, don't fight, the fact that Digital Natives know technology and can be more productive using it.
  • Promote multiple methods of communication. Social interaction means something different to Digital Natives than those of us who are Digital Immigrants. Don't forego team meetings or face-to-face feedback and direction, but do consider different methods of communication that are more prevalent with Digital Natives like instant messaging, etc.
  • Promote give and take mentoring. The new generation of Digital Natives will need mentoring in how things work in our organizations. In return, Digital Natives can be reverse mentors and mentor many of us who have more to learn about technology and staying connected so we can be more productive.

What we as organizations will be providing in the future may not change greatly, but how we provide it will. This new generation can bring some extremely useful work techniques and ideas if we are open to listening and evolving.

This Month's Public Session

Trust Works! Building a Culture of Trust

Plan to discuss the economic impact of trust, as well as how to rebuild eroded trust and move forward with positive results. You will utilize a self-assessment based on Ken Blanchard's TrustWorks! model and will identify specific and intentional actions you can take to influence trust.

February 13, 2014 from 9:00 a.m. - Noon

Learn more about this public session and register here.