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April 23-24: Iowa Employment, Training, Benefits & Wellness Conference

May 4-7: ASTD International Conference

June 9-11: Taking Care of Business Conference

June 19: ATW Public Session: Situational Leadership® II Concepts


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Training Tip

10 Tips to Improve Employee Training

1. Emphasize training as an investment. While the initial costs may seem high, stress within your company that training is a long-term investment in the development of your staff.

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ATW's Denise Forney to Present at ASTD International Conference

Denise ForneyATW is excited to announce that our very own Denise Forney was selected by ASTD to present an "Innogizer" at the ASTD International Conference, which takes place May 4-7, 2014 in Washington, D.C.

The premise behind the innogizer is to help release the creative ability to write lyrics and unleash new ideas. As Denise states, "we all have the ability to utilize creative expression in our careers on a daily basis. Music is a fantastic way to encourage individuals to tap into innovative thoughts through songwriting."

During this ASTD jam session, participants will have the opportunity to release their "inner rock star" by creating musical lyrics on topics that are relevant to the training world. They will explore the components of song writing, choose background topics and compose lyrics put to music of some of the most popular genres in music today.

Denise has a background in music, playing guitar since the age of 9, teaching music lessons to youth and is a songwriter and composer.

Denise has also had opportunity through ATW to use these skills with a number of our client partners to unleash their creativity and provide a great team building experience. Let us know if you would be interested in doing something like this for your organization.

We're excited for Denise and wish her the best of luck at the conference.

2014 Iowa Employment, Training, Benefits & Wellness Conference

The Iowa Employment, Training, Benefits & Wellness Conference is right around the corner and we're excited to be a part of it. ATW is sponsoring the following two speakers at the upcoming conference as well as presenting an additional four concurrent sessions on topics such as diversity, teamwork and leadership.

Brigadier General Derek Hill

Leadership Lessons from Today's Military Leaders

Today's military leaders continue to evolve in their leadership of our armed forces. What was once thought of as the typical "command and control" is now one of collaboration, teaming and an emphasis on communication. Join Brigadier General Derek Hill as he shares leadership lessons from today's military with an emphasis on what Human Resource professionals can do to facilitate and participate in a strong leadership team.

Stuart MacMillan

From Success to Significance: HR's Role in Helping Employees Feel Significant

Our role as leaders, coaches and HR professionals is essentially to help others do better. We don't build the business, we build people and those people in turn build the business, create legacies and move us from mere success to significance. In this session, Stuart will discuss the differences between success and true significance as well as some key concepts to create a lasting legacy for employees and businesses.

Don't forget to register for the event. It's only a few weeks away!

Event Details

Date: Wednesday, April 23 - Thursday, April 24
Location: Prairie Meadows Conference Center, Altoona
Time: Begins at 10 a.m. on April 23
Fees: $140 one-day, $190 two-day

Register online here.

New eLearning Program: Keeping Your Workplace Free From Harassment and Discrimination

Harassment in the workplace is a serious matter. It can have a devastating effect on individuals and can be damaging to the company in terms of reputation, productivity, and the cost of litigation.

Having policies against harassment and discrimination is a critical step towards preventing those situations and establishing a positive work environment. However, just having a policy is not enough. It is equally important to make sure employees can recognize harassment, respond appropriately, and hopefully prevent it.

ATW is proud to announce the release of this new eLearning program that not only promotes a respectful workplace but also tackles the tough issue of bullying in the workplace.

Call us at 515-727-0731 for access to a free sample of this course. Just mention this newsletter and the first course is FREE!

Spotlight: Shawn Meighan Receives Outstanding Service Award

ATW recently had the opportunity to recognize long-time associate Shawn Meighan for his outstanding performance delivering training to the National Guard. In early February 2014, ATW and the National Guard awarded Shawn an Outstanding Service Award, based upon his 10+ years of experience delivering training to National Guard Bureaus in over 15 states. Present for the award ceremony were Heather Cooper, former guard member and current NGB trainer for ATW, as well as Brigadier General Derek Hill of the Iowa National Guard. General Hill gave a brief summary of the Guard and its role in American history, while Cooper awarded a unique three-dimensional prism of an American National Guardsmen to Meighan. The prism came with many well-wishes from the states that Meighan diligently served in the past several years. With Cooper now delivering the same courses that Meighan once did, the training being delivered for the National Guard will continue to be a touch-point of excellence!

Shawn Meighan Receives Outstanding Service Award

Upcoming Public Session

Situational Leadership® II Concepts

Ken Blanchard's Situational Leadership® II is the most comprehensive, up-to-date, and practical method of effectively managing and developing people, time, and resources in the world. SLII® is a proven model and a set of tools for opening up communication and helping others develop self-reliance. The program is designed to increase the frequency and quality of conversations about performance and development between managers and the people they work with so competence is developed, commitment is gained, and talented individuals are retained.

June 19, 2014 from 9:00 a.m. - 4:00 p.m.

Learn more about this public session and register here.